Friday, May 28, 2010

Our New Member:CamelShoppe


I am an artist/crafter in my DNA. My parents and grandparents were always making something. I learned to do all things fiber on my grandmother's lap, sewing and crafting at my mother's elbow and building with my dad. So I inherited the creative genes and have many and varied interests.
You will see a variety of methods and materials which will change as my muse strikes.
Please take a look around and enjoy the results.

In case you were wondering about the name of my shop...when my dad was a small child he would make believe he had a store and he named it The Camel Shop. No one knows how he came up with the name but I thought why not.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our New Member:bbdsupplies

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our New Member:JujaCrafts

I am a girl from small Europe country, near the Baltic sea- Lithuania. Few years ago me and my fiance moved out to live in USA.
My name is Jurate- origin of the name is Lithuanian. It was a story about queen of the Baltic sea- Mermaid Jurate, who fell in love with human being- fisherman Kastytis. It's like Romeo and Juliet love story, just Lithuanian version :)
You can read about it here-ūratė_and_Kastytis
How I've got my nickname Juja?.. My niece, when she was a little girl, couldn't pronounce my name, she thought about my short name and started to call me Juja. It just was a lot easier for her :) A correct pronunciation of my nick name is [ju:ja].
A few years ago I graduated University of Technology and acquired a degree in Industrial Textile technologies and design. After graduation I worked in one of the biggest in Lithuania textile companies as an international sales manager.
All my life textile, art and creating were familiar to me and I love working hard, creating, dreaming. I like doing everything what's nice and makes me or anybody else feeling good and beautiful!


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